CASE STUDY: Marine Payroll

Less time spent on remediation processes

Continuing waves of regulation are driving significant
compliance cost increases. It is becoming more difficult to
keep up with current standards whilst also implementing new

With regulations ever changing, our client in the marine
payroll industry was looking for a solution that allowed them
to directly communicate with their entire user base instantly,
ensuring that they could update them when the regulatory
framework changes.

IDU’s ability to simply and quickly contact a large group of
users to request information has enabled our client to reduce
time spent on convoluted remediation processes, freeing up
capability to focus on its main client services.

CASE STUDY: Crypto Trading

c. 70% FTE time saving with efficient onboarding

On-boarding clients is difficult – according to a Thomson Reuters survey, it typically takes between two and four months to onboard a new client. This can lead to negative brand perception and has a detrimental effect on revenue.

Our client approached us to help integrate IDU into the on-boarding process for new clients, allowing them to capture all necessary information in an accurate and timely manner.

With IDU integrated directly into the on-boarding process, our client has saved c. 70% in FTE time and can be certain they hold the information necessary to appropriately manage their users.

CASE STUDY: Private Wealth

Become proactive in adhering to regulation changes

Within the private wealth world, knowing your client is a key priority. Our client approached us to help ensure they can easily manage their entire user base and become proactive in adhering to regulation changes.

Our open architecture allows us to partner with best-in-class integrations, such as PandaDocs and ComplyAdvantage, to allow our client to ensure that their data is compliant with any regulations, also allowing them to systematically check for PEPs and Sanctions daily.

By utilising IDU, our client is able to easily identify both the information they hold, and what they require, applying the IDU one-to-many data request feature. This ensures they obtain outstanding and relevant data in a matter of seconds.

Improve your KYC & AML processes with our technology

Efficient and positive client experience

Lower costs with on-demand database search

Enhanced ongoing monitoring with AI at no extra cost

Integrated approval process with approval layers

A more risk based approach to KYC&AML

Simple and intuitive user interface

Auto reminders and random reviews within your CPMP

Full GDPR tracking and audit functionality


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