Automated KYC & AML

Secure Onboarding and Compliance Monitoring

Developed in the Channel Islands to cater for changing global regulations around KYC and AML, IDU empowers organisations to deliver a digitally enhanced and efficient onboarding experience.

Smoothly onboard your clients both on the web and mobile

User Experience

An efficient and positive onboarding experience for your clients


Automated processes reduce FTE onboarding and monitoring workload by 70%

Risk Management

Ongoing and effective risk management KYC, AML and CDD


Instant updates and information sharing

Why electronic KYC with IDU?

Customers don’t understand the constant reminders of KYC and CDD, they definitely don’t appreciate changes in regulation. Using IDU, you provide your client with an easier and seamless experience which reduces your risk and improves client interaction.


IDU reduces your AML risk by providing a constantly updating feed of valuable information using the newest technologies available.


Mistakes and mistypes can cause delays in processing, IDU checks for errors in real time and provides feedback around data input.


According to Thomson Reuters survey, it takes between two to four months to on-board a new client. This has a negative impact on brand, clients and revenue growth as many customers abandon the process. With IDU, you can minimise this risk and benefit from a speedy onboarding process.


Compliance costs continue to rise, organisations are bearing the brunt of human capital cost, infrastructure changes, regulatory changes, maintenance and monitoring. With IDU, you can reduce your FTE’s by 70% and charges are split between searches and data management to give you better control over your budget.


Companies’ compliance systems need to be adaptable to constantly changing regulations. IDU makes sure your workflows are kept up-to-date and can adapt to any regulatory or local changes.


Digital data is seamlessly exchanged with a full audit trail. Offering comprehensive, customisable reporting which offers useful information to streamline and optimise processes.

How it works


You send your Client a ‘Request’ through IDU.


Client receives email and submits passport, selfie or video along with address verification.


IDU verifies and user completes AML in 2 seconds. You either approve client or request further information.

Secure. Encrypted. Compliant.

IDU does not hold any of the documents submitted. All documents received are downloaded and held on your servers or cloud.

IDU holds encrypted data on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and provides compliant data maintenance and communications.

Improve your KYC & AML processes with our technology

Efficient and positive client experience

Lower costs with on-demand database search

Enhanced ongoing monitoring with AI at no extra cost

Integrated approval process with approval layers

A more risk based approach to KYC&AML

Simple and intuitive user interface

Auto reminders and random reviews within your CPMP

Full GDPR tracking and audit functionality


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